Doppler Meteorological Radar DMRL-10

Doppler Meteorological Radar DMRL-10


“DMRL-10” Doppler Meteorological Radar of S-band is intended to:

  • Display the distribution of various meteorological data (reflectivity, velocity, spectrum width) on different levels of height by pseudo-CAPPI type;
  • Calculate and display vertical profile of velocity, wind direction up to the upper boundary of weater phenomena detection and other Doppler products;
  • Calculate and display of precipitation intensity for any time-duration;
  • Detect and classify clouds and precipitation and dangerous weather phenomena related thereto (hail, thuder, shower rain, waterspouts, squalls etc.);
  • Data output for active influence of hail and other cloudy processes for the purpose to prevent hail and accompanying dangerous phenomena (storm, squall, waterspout, shower rains), artificial control of precipitation;
  • Display velocity and movement direction of cloud systems;
  • Radar data output in required codograms.

The set of “DMRL-10” includes:

  • Subscriber terminals for local users;
  • Data transmission equipment;
  • Operational documentation;
  • Autonomus power supply source (as per a separate order);
  • UPS unit;
  • SPTA set. 


  • Possibility of integration with active influence systems is available.
Doppler Meteorological Radar DMRL-10
Организация беспроводного широкополосного доступа
Doppler Meteorological Radar DMRL-10

Main features

  • Application of composite signals;
  • Technology of pulse compression;
  • Up-to-date technologies;
  • Solid-state transmitter device;
  • High operation characterictics;
  • Gearless rotation drives.