Social Programs

"Factories for children"

In 2013, the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the city of Moscow launched the project “Factories for children”, under which excursions to large industrial enterprises of the capital were organized for students in grades 7-10 of educational institutions of Moscow as part of activities to popularize labor professions. Over 3800 students took part in the project in 2013.  The idea behind the project is to give students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the working conditions in industrial enterprises, taking into account the possibility of choosing a profession and career growth. The excursion program for each plant is agreed directly with the enterprise. In addition to the informational-cognitive part, the tour itself also contains a practical one, on which children the, can model or create what they have just seen with their own hands. “LEMZ” is one of the participants in this program. The data necessary for organization of excursions are indicated in the Excursions section.

Best Enterprise for Working Moms

The city contest “The Best Enterprise for Working Moms” has become one of the tools in the system of measures aimed at making Moscow a favorable city for the birth and happiness of children, happy motherhood and fatherhood. In the evaluation of the contest documents, information is processed on the size and number of additional social guarantees in respect of working mothers. The purpose of the contest is to provide a general assessment of the socio-economic conditions for the functioning of the organization and, above all, the work of women. Within its framework, special attention is paid to working and resting environments, the state of social infrastructure facilities, and the environment in the team. Qualitative analysis allows carrying out monitoring.

For several consecutive years, “LEMZ” has been the winner of “The Best Enterprise for Working Moms” contest; the company has numerous beneficial programs for employees with children under the age of 14 years.

The Best Employer of the City of Moscow

The contest “The Best Employer of the City of Moscow” is held as part of the federal competition “Russian Organization of High Social Efficiency”. The authorized body of the competition is the Moscow Department of Labor and Employment. The task of the competition is to encourage conscientious employers who pay attention not only to issues of production and business, but also to the formation of civilized labor relations, including the environment in the team and the promotion of workers.

For several years, LEMZ has been the permanent winner of the contest “The Best Employer of the City of Moscow”.

The Moscow Masters

The Moscow Federation of Trade Unions in conjunction with the Moscow Government holds the Moscow Masters’ Professional Skill Competition annually, it is one of the most ambitious events that glorify necessary for the city labor professions and raise the prestige of highly skilled labor. The competition has been held in the capital for 18 years and annually opens its doors to hundreds of spectators and participants.

LEMZ employees annually take part in the competition and take high places.