A-SMGCS CAF “VEGA”, which does comply with the second level of А-SMGCS as per ICAO classification, is intended for providing the controllers of taxing, runway and landing with information regarding

location and identification of aircraft and transport aids aswell as other objects of surveillance equipped with transponders; monitoring of access to runway and its occupancy; maintaining airport capacity including situations of limited visibility; and for ensuring thereat the required level of terminal movement safety. A-SMGCS CAF “VEGA” ensures processing and combining of data from several (up to three) airfield surveillance radars, terminal surveillance radar, aerodrome multilateration surveillance system and ADS-B aids, planned and actual data regarding aircraft locations and trajectories, weather conditions in airport zone and status of runway surface directly from meteo-server or via airport ATC automated system as well as from other sources available.

Set of equipment

A-SMGCS CAF “VEGA” comprises the following software-hardware complexes:

  • SW-HW complex for combining of data;
  • SW-HW complexes for controllers (quantity is subject to defining in the course of placing the order for equipment);
  • SW-HW complex for engineer;
  • SW-HW complex for flight director;
  • SW-HW complex for registration, recording and archiving.


Set of A-SMGCS CAF “VEGA” comprises as well remote consoles for control and displaying of data,networkequipmentrequired , operational documentation and SPTA.


Main features

  • High performance data and technical parameters of A-SMGCS CAF “VEGA” are ensured by means of application of double “hot” stand-by, modern network techniques of distributed multi-processor processing of data that allows increasing functional potentialities of automated facilities complex and adapting to special features of an airport and to the Customer’s requirements.


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