Doppler Meteorological Radar “DMRL-3”

Doppler Meteorological Radar “DMRL-3”


“DMRL-3” Meteorological Radar is a small-sized Doppler meteorological radar of 3cm band with capability to operate in dual polarization mode.

“DMRL-3” Meteorological Radar allows to:

  • Generate maps of cloudiness upper boundary, horizontal and vertical cross sections of meteo-objects radar parameters (reflectivity, velocity, spectrum width, differential reflectivity, differential phase and cross-correlation factor);
  • Obtain spatial structure and types of cloudiness and precipitation;
  • Ressive data on dangerous weather phenomena (cloudiness, precipitation, storms, hail, squall) within the radius of up to 100-150km;
  • Perform estimation of hail, storm and cloudiness development tendencies;
  • Measure precipitation intensity for wide areas;
  • Define precipitation direction, calculate precipitation movement velocity and vertical and horizontal dimensions;
  • Measure radial velocities of movement meteorological formations;
  • Perform online evaluation of movement velocity for zones for cloud systems wind field zones with high inhomogenuty;
  • Output radar data for users in required codograms.


“DMRL-3” includes the following as components:

  • Antenna device;
  • Transmitter-receiver and processing equipment (mounted into the rotating part of the antenna device under the radome);
  • Rotation control device;
  • Central controlling-computing complex;
  • Temperature mode control system;
  • Primary power supply system;
  • Radome;
  • Remote terminal;
  • Set of emergency SPTA.
Doppler Meteorological Radar “DMRL-3”

Main features

  • The automated control and monitoring system (ACMS) provided within “DMRL-3” ensures remote switching-on of the equipment of the complex, control over the complex configuration and monitoring of the equipment technical status.
  • Inside the transmitting-receiving compartment transistor-type power amplifiers are used as a transmitter. The summed-up output peak power of the said amplifiers is not less than 300W.
  • The equipment of “DMRL-3” can be manufactured in stationary version, can be installed onto wheeled trailer or onto auto chassis of  KAMAZ-5350 type.