Complex Projects

Detailed description


Basic task of System Planning and Design Bureau (SPDB) is to ensure efficiency of control  and implementation of comprehensive projects, as well as to ensure the activities of our enterprise in the field of rendering complexes of services, starting from an object design and up to its “turn-key” commissioning.  
Main functions of SPDB are:
– Analysis of basic directions of development of Air Traffic Management System, work-out of investment ideas for planning, design, construction, redesign and overhaul of the objects of said System.
– Establishment of co-operation between external organizations for planning, design and equipping the objects of Consolidated System of Air Traffic Management;
– Planning and direct development of project and design documentation for installation of equipment to the centers of Consolidated System of Air Traffic Management for air-navigational servicing of flights in terminal areas and on air routes, including dual-use aids, meteorological support and information-technical interaction systems;
– Complex project management, arrangement and co-ordination of the work on equipment delivery  and installation.

SPDB consolidates all stages of life-cycle of a comprehensive project, starting from project initiation and   up to an object commissioning, including the following ones:
– Front-end engineering;
– Planning, design and research work as well as participation in expertise procedure;
– Equipment manufacture and delivery;
– Fulfillment of start-up-and-adjustment and commissioning work;
– Training the Customer’s personnel on rules of operating the equipment delivered;
– Commissioning of projects to the customer;
– Warranty ty and post-warranty servicing.