Self-Contained Ground Radar Interrogator MVRL-K LIRA-VME


MVRL-K “LIRA-VME” is designed for reception of radar data from air objects, processing of radar data and its output to any radar system with digital output in case of functioning within secondary radar surveillance systems and radar identification systems (MK-XII).

Main features

          MVRL-K does ensure  the following:

  • defining of coordinates and obtaining of supplementary data (flight data) in SSR system, transmitted by on-board transponders in A and C modes, and defining identification number of an air object in S mode;
  • dentification of air objects in MK-XII radar identification system;
  • Identification of radar data obtained via secondary radar channels and MK-XII channels;
  • Transfer of radar data to any radars with digital output;
  • Collecting, processing and transferring of data regarding technical status of MVRL-K equipment and regarding its availability for service to any radars with digital output;
  • Control and monitoring of MVRL-K equipment technical status from the remote control console.