Small-size Meteorological Complex “CMS-1”

Комплекс метеорологический малогабаритный "КММ-1"


Small-Size Meteorological Complex “CMS-1” is intended to measure atmospheric parameters by means of upper-air sounding up to 40km altitude, and by means of automated meteorological station as well as surveillance of weather phenomena (including dangerous phenomena like storms, hail, squall) within the radius of up to 150km from “CMS-1” stand point. 

 “CMS-1” can be installed in areas of airfields, helipads, ports etc. for the purpose to ensure meteorological support of appropriate infrastructure objects operation.

“CMS-1” Complex comprises the following components:

  • Solid-state 3cm-band Doppler Meteorological Radar “DMRL-3” with radome;
  • System of upper-air sounding based on radio sounders;
  • System of meteorological measurements based on automated meteorological station;
  • Workstation for meteorologist;
  • Auxiliary systems (including electric power supply system, temperature control system);
  • Auto-chassis of KAMAZ-5350 type;
  • Emergency SPTA set.
Small-size Meteorological Complex “CMS-1”
Small-size Meteorological Complex “CMS-1”

Main features

  • Significant reducing of operational expenses of meteorological support services owing to application of advanced technologies (ultra-sonic automated meteorological stations, usage of aerological sounders based on GPS/GLONASS navigational system, high-reliable solid-state transmitters)
  • Possibility to install “CMS-1” Small-Size Meteorological Complex with no necessity to carry out any capital construction work;