S-band Terminal Area Radar Complex (TARC) "Lira-A10"

Аэродромный РЛК S-Диапазона «Лира-А10»


S-band Terminal Area Radar Complex (TARC) “Lira-A10” is intended for application as the sourse of radar data concerning air situation in airport zone for automated and non-automated ATC systems.

TARC Complex "Lira-A-10" comprises the following:​

  • Antenna module;
  • Hardware module comprising transmitting device, receiving device, system for digital processing of echo-signals and radar data and support systems;
  • Primary radar with equipment for processing and combining data from PSR and SSR and for sending radar data to consumers;
  • Bult-in interconnected monopulse secondary radar of the type MVRL-K capable to operate in S-mode, or a secondary radar of another type (upon the Customers request). Interface with an independent SSR of any type can be ensured as well.
S-band Terminal Area Radar Complex (TARC) "Lira-A10"
S-band Terminal Area Radar Complex (TARC) "Lira-A10"
S-band Terminal Area Radar Complex (TARC) "Lira-A10"

Main features

  • High tactical and technical characteristics which do comply with ICAO and Eurocontrol requirements;
  • Automatic redundancy that ensures high reliabity of the radar complex;
  • Automated system of remote control, monitoring and diagnostics;
  • Possibility of non-attended operation;
  • High-stable solid-state modular transmitter with air-cooling and extended service life;
  • Modern methods of signal and data processing;
  • Gearless rotation drive;
  • Radar data recording and replay;
  • Interface with moddern ATC aids of any type.