The main product developer is Experimental Design Bureau (EDB) (formerly known as “Lira” Design Bureau). Over 60 years of its existence it has completed approximately 310 research and development works, as well as experimental-designing, almost all of which were introduced in serial production.

The main objective of scientific and technical development conducted by EDB is to research and create scientific and technical basis, which can be used to improve technical parameters of articles, create conditions for competitive products manufacturing and ensure their compliance with the world standards. Another important task is the creation of theoretical basis to develop perspective technologies in radiolocation, radio navigation and automated control systems.

Algorithms and technologies realized in newly developed products are second to none and allow to achieve higher parameters compared to the known prototypes. The scope of relevant tasks resolved by manufactured articles proves their significance and opens the potential for its demand both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Highly qualified researchers and engineers ensure high scientific and technical level of research:

6 Doctors of Science and  68 candidates of Science are part of EDB

On top of this, chief designers and developers received government and national awards.


EDB divisions use modern measuring and computing equipment, as well as computer-aided design systems, which ensure the quality of the research and design documentation. Keeping pace with the times, EDB actively develops and utilizes additive technology based on 3D-printing to create critical elements for prototype models. It also implements additive technology in serial products. Prototypes are manufactured in an experimental workshop belonging to EDB.

Serial production workshops provide assistance with their own high-technology industrial basis as well.


Serial production

Close cooperation between the plant and EDB serves as the cornerstone of competitive equipment effective research and production, which are in high demand in the domestic and foreign markets.