X-band Solid-state Surface Movement Radar “ALCOR”


X-band solid-state surface movement radar «ALCOR» is intended to control and monitor the movement of aircrafts, special purpose vehicles,technical means and other objects located in airfield movement area (manoeuvring area and approns, runways, taxiways and aircraft parking areas).
Surface movement radar operates both in auto mode with data output to controller’s working position and as component of advanced surface movement control and monitoring system (A-SMGCS).

SMR “ALCOR” encompasses:

  • Antenna module comprised of linear antenna array and rotary device;
  • Hardware cabinet containing transmittingreceiving equipment, processing equipment, means of interface with communication links, power supply lines and rotation control equipment;
  • Waveguide path;
  • Technological work position;
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Main features

  • Highly stable air-cooled solid-state transmitter with extended service life;
  • Modern methods of signal and information processing;
  • Gearless rotation drive based on synchronous motor;
  • The receiving and transmitting equipment (except for the antenna module), data processing and transmission equipment, (which is a part of the SMR), has 100% redundancy;
  • Monitoring control of the system is carried out via the built-in automated system, which carries out test check by pilot signal and automatic reconfiguration of the system in case of failures of its rezerved elements in normal operation, as well as the transmission of information to the remote terminal on the status of technical means.