The History of our Company

LEMZ was founded in

1935 year

Reseach and Production Corporation “Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant” (JSC LEMZ R&P Corp.) – the enterprise specializing in the development and production of radar systems and control systems for various purposes.

The factory was founded in 1935 and initially was engaged in repair and manufacturing of passenger cars.

In 1951, it was redeveloped for production of complex electronic equipment. And next year, mastered the production of radio and radar stations.



Geodetic works

Laying sidings

Installing the columns of the main building

Laying the foundation industrial building

Set on the farm spans


Leaders of the construction in annual repair shop


Stable in the village Beskudnikovo

Main building


Social Community

The standard house first brick

Barracks in the village Beskudnikovo

Laying of roads in the village

Removing the water tower in 1968

Opening of summer camp in v. Troickoye


Work village in Lianozovo

Water tower in Sotsgorod

Factory workers in the construction of houses

The new house on the site of a water tower. Str. Lobnenskaya


World War II

Volunteer battalion

The bombing of the plant

All for the front, everything for victory

Presentation of the Red Banner

Veterans of the company


Veterans of the company

Rewarding employees in the Kremlin


Radar making

First enroute ATC radar system “Utes-M”, 1968

The first control tower ATC “KDP-4”, 1968

TRLK-10, 1975

TRLK-11, 1982

Participation in the creation of the landing of space shuttle “Buran”


Present days

Metal production

Production of electronic modules


The development of new technology

First-aid post

Recreation center

Children’s camp “Plamya”