Council of Young Specialists

“LEMZ” Division has a Council of Young Specialists.

As part of its line of work, the Council helps young employees to adapt to working conditions, pursue professional growth, and master the specialty (profession) to perfection.

Principal directions of the Council of Young Specialists’ activity are scientific, technical, industrial, organizational and social work. As part of the annual work plan, the Council of Young Specialists holds a variety of events: from the organization of scientific and technical conferences to sporting events.

Victoria Litvin – Chairman of the Council of Young Specialists, 2nd category design engineer in Chief Designer Department (CDD). Victoria started her career at our company in 2008, when she was a 3rd year student of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).  Winner of the Novikov competition.

Active and responsible member of the trade union committee in the CDD and just a devoted mother.

Victoria promotes the revival of old plant traditions and rallying of workers of all ages, social classes, fields of activities and interests.

Andrei Yarimov – Head of Production sector, senior foreman.

Graduated from the MSTU “STANKIN”, having defended two diplomas in the field of specialization: automated systems for technological preproduction and a German interpreter-engineer. Andrei has been working at our company for 10 years. He started his career as an engineer-technologist, later he became a senior foreman. As a person interested in the development of the enterprise, he is very sensitive to the formation of youth’s interest in the production sector in general and to “LEMZ” in particular. His main goal is to create an interest in the manufacturer’s work among the youth.

He devotes his free time to family and sports – Andrei is keen on football and, if he has any free time, trains with the plant team.

Denis Kozlov – Head of Organizational sector, assembly fitter of radio electronic equipment and devices.

He came to “LEMZ” for the first time when he was doing practical training at the age of 14. After finishing school and serving in the Army he returned to the plant and by now he has been working for several years. Denis is keen on sports; he actively takes part in plant sporting events.

Sergei Kulikov – Head of social sector of the Council of Young Specialists, 1st category design engineer.

Graduated from the MSTU “STANKIN”, having defended two diplomas in the field of specialization: Bachelor of Engineering and Technology in “Automation and Control”, and an engineer with a degree in “Robots and Robotic Systems”. Sergei has been working at “LEMZ” since 2014. During this time, he went from a design engineer to a 1st class design engineer.

He considers self-realization to be his main goal. In his free time he takes an active part in the life of the plant, and also he is a member of the KVN plant team “Keys to Heaven”.

Marina Nazirova – Head of Science and Technology sector the Council of Young Specialists.

She has been working at EDB (Experimental Design Bureau) since 2008, she began to work as a 5th year student at the institute. After graduation from Moscow State Aviation Technological University (MSTAU) named after K.E. Tsiolkovskii, she continued to work at the plant. Now she is and 1st category engineer of the 6th department, 61st sector. “I was chosen as the person responsible for the scientific and technical sector; I plan to communicate with active youth in order to increase the level of knowledge and qualifications so that the teenagers would think not only about their main work, but also strive for new knowledge.”