Doppler Meteorological Radar "DMRL-C"

Doppler Meteorological Radar "DMRL-C"


DMRL-C is intended to:

  • Display the distribution of different meteorological data (reflectivity, velocity, spectrum width as well as in mode of dual polarization: differential reflectivity, phase, cross-correlation coefficient and linear depolarization ratio) at different altitudes by pseudo-CAPPI type;
  • Calculate and display vertical wind speed and direction up to the upper boundary of weather phenomena detection and other doppler products;
  • Calculate and display the precipitations intensity for any time duration;
  • Determine dangerous weather phenomena (hail, thunderstorm, heavy wind gains, intensive rain and snow, strong turbulence);
  • Display velocity and direction of cloudiness motion; 
  • Radar data output in format of required codegrams. 

"DMRL-C" comprises the following:

  • subscriberconsole of local users;
  • data transmission equipment;
  • autonomous power supply source;
  • UPS unit;
  • SPTA set;
Doppler Meteorological Radar "DMRL-C"
Doppler Meteorological Radar "DMRL-C"
Doppler Meteorological Radar "DMRL-C"

Main features

  • Application of complex signals and pulse compression technologies with side lobes compression level lower than 60 dB;
  • Reduction of radiated pulse power from hundreds to tens killowatts and increase of radar potential due to signals duration increase;
  • Gearless synchronous drives in antenna structure.
  • Exclusion of waveguide section pressurizing system and high voltage units with voltage higher than 12 kW, which improved the operation characteristics of the radar;
  • Application of highly reliable units, including multibeam klystron with low pulse power as well as modern technologies of signal processing;