Air-route Radar Complex “SOPKA-2”

Air-route Radar Complex “SOPKA-2”


“Sopka-2” S-band Air-Route Radar Complex (ARRC) is intended for application as radar data source for air traffic control and airspace monitoring systems.

 At the same time, the separate channel is providedwith in the ARRC for reception of meteorological data similar to the one obtained from specialized meteorological radars.
“Sopka-2” ARRC does ensure detection of air objects, measurement of range, azimuth and elevation angle (height) of targets, identification of state-belonging, obtaining via MSSR/GRI channel of supplementary data transmitted by aircraft on-board transponders, combining of radar data obtained from PSR, SSR and GRI, as well as sending the data processed to the consumers’ displaying facilities as per protocols agreed.
Upon the Customer’s request, ARRC may include ADS-B equipment.


“Sopka-2” ARRC with transportable antenna module is designed for implementation of a Customer’s capability to use the existing infrastructure of old-fleet radar sites (of P 35, P-37 type and other radars) with minimal preparation of radar stand points and communications.
   Advantages of using the version of “Sopka-2” ARRC with transportable antenna module:
  • The time is reduced for ARRC commissioning and for substitution of existing radars of P-35/ P-37 type using previously established sites without significant expenses;

  • Maintenance of the antenna module is simplified;

  • Wind-loads of up to 50m/s are withstood with no additional jobs on affixing the trailer to the hill.

  • Antenna module will go through the acceptance tests directly at the OEM factory and will be transported without disassembling;

  • The necessity to carry out design & exploration and construction & assembly work for installation of the tower is excluded;

  • Possibility to use the existing infrastructure of old-fleet radar sites (of P-35/ P-37 type and other ones) with minimal preparation of radar standing point and communications;

  • The possibility of redeployment of “Sopka-2” ARRC and its transportation to another site.
Air-route Radar Complex “SOPKA-2”

Main features

  • Three-dimensional solid-state digital radar complex;
  • High tactical-technical and operational characteristics;
  • Possibility of non-attended operation;
  • High reliability with automatic redundancy;
  • Automated system for monitoring and diagnostics;
  • Modern methods of signal and data processing;
  • Integrated meteorological channel;
  • Interfacing with any kind of ATC centers.