Radar Complex “UTES-Tm”


L-band (23 cm) “UTES-Tm” RC is a high-stable radar complex designed basing on the principle of internal coherence. It has high tactical-technical characteristics, which do comply with requirements of ICAO and Eurocontrol, high reliability with automatic redundancy, remote control, monitoring and diagnostics, possibility of non-attended operation, solid-state technique design and modern methods of signal and data processing. This radar complex does ensure recording and replay of radar data and possibility of interfacing with ATC aids of any kind.

Antenna system rotation is provided by means of usage of gearless electric rotating drive with intellectual vector control.


  • RC equipment is mounted inside Universal container-type building that ensures all conditions indispensable for operation of equipment and for personnel work (ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, lighting, fire and security alarms etc.)
  • Upon the Customer’s request, UTES-Tm radar complex may comprise ADS-B equipment, integrated SSR or may be interfaced with an independent SSR of any type.