Secondary radars

Secondary radars manufactured by PJSC “ALMAZ R&P Corp.” do comply with all regulations of ICAO (Annex 10) and with the Russian standards and are intended for integration into primary radars.
SSRs are designed using modern element base with solidstate version of transmitters-receivers and special integrated processors in signal and data processing systems.


  • Lira-V (Integration into mobile radars). Operation modes: ATC(ЗK1, ЗK2), RBS (1,2,3/А,С);
  • Lira-VMk (Integration into mobile radars). Operation modes: RBS (1,2,3/А,С);
  • Lira- VA (Integration into stationary ATC radars). Operation modes: ATC (ЗK1, ЗK2) RBS (1,2,3/А,С);
  • Lira-VM (Integration into stationary radars). Operation modes: RBS (1,2,3/А,С,S), “Parol”.

Equipment composition

  • Solid-state transmitters with possibility of output power immediate adjustment;
  • Receiving modules of ATC and RBS channels;
  • Equipment for digital threshold processing of signals;
  • Equipment for supplementary data decoding;
  • Device for measurement of coordinates (primary data processing);
  • Device for track initiation and tracking (secondary data processing);
  • Device for transfer of data and for reception of remote control commands;
  • Automated xontrol and monitoring systems (CMC);
  • Set of SPTA and operational documentation;
  • Test responder.