Piramida AICS

Piramida AICS, which has no equivalents on the Russian market, is designed as the system of real time and is applicable for ensuring automation of various tasks, namely collection, fusion and storage of data coming from various sources and transfer of this data to interacting systems, monitoring of readiness of search-and-rescue forces and aids for fulfillment of search-and-rescue work, processing of incoming signals of emergency in automatic mode and displaying of these signals on geo-underlying background, assistance in taking decision about attracting search-and-rescue aviation forces and aids to search-and-rescue operations, monitoring of forces and aids in the course of search-and-rescue work, generation of record documents.
The core of Piramida AICS is Russian domestic geo-informational system developed by LEMZ R&P Corp. JSC. This system allows generating vector maps of a zone of search-and-rescue with different types of objects placed thereon in various scales and in 3D modes, as well as resolving cartographical tasks.
Developers of Piramida AICS do explore continually the most advanced information processing technologies capable to ensure most optimal solutions of tasks. Application of image recognition and artificial intellect techniques can be regarded to such developments. After approbation these developments will be implemented into existing and new products.